About Us

“Dedicated to preserving and honoring the art of American BBQ”

Smokin’ Dave wasn’t born with a silver spoon or a rib bone in his mouth! He grew up in the wild suburbs of Los Angeles subjected to countless mediocre dining experiences at allegedly hip and trendy chain restaurants.

Dave discovered the joys of creating unique dishes in his grandparent’s kitchen. Myer and Madeline Leven gave Dave the love and dedication required to be the best at his craft.

For over 20 years he has been owner/chef at several unique restaurants on Maui, Hawaii and in Estes Park, Colorado. Here at Smokin’ Dave’s Taphouse you will find only the freshest ingredients and the finest quality slow-smoked (in-house) meats anywhere. Dave resides in Estes Park year-round with his spare rib (wife!) Cat and their three kids.

Let Dave Do The Cooking!

When you’re ready for your next outing into the mountains or just don’t feel like cooking, call us and we’ll have your lunch or dinner ready to take along.