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  1. 4 Non-Barbeque-Related Advantages of Visiting Our Restaurants in Estes Park and Lyons

    You know the biggest perk of eating at Smokin’ Dave’s? The food. Hands down. No question. People come to us first and foremost for our barbecue, sides, and assorted tasty dishes. Still, there are some other amenities that you can enjoy when you stop by either restaurant in Estes Park or Lyons. Let’s take a look. Free Wi-Fi Some people have unlimited cell phone plans, allowing them to surf a…Read More

  2. Is Smokin’ Dave’s a Fancy Dinner Restaurant? Well…

    Hey, what do you think of our website? Pretty smooth, right? It gives you that initial impression of what Smokin’ Dave’s is like, makes your mouth water with pictures of food, and shows you a quick glance of what you’ll see when you stop by our Lyons or Estes Park restaurants. So, our website looks good. But as slick as it is, we certainly don’t stand on formality when you stop by, no mat…Read More

  3. Never Been To Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ and Taphouse? We’ve Got A Suggestion For You

    If you’ve never been into our Lyon’s or Estes Park restaurant, there’s a good chance that you won’t be sure where to start. After all, we are a BBQ restaurant...which BBQ should you try? Some of you might find the answer obvious. You order the pulled pork, right? Every BBQ restaurant should be judged by its pulled pork. But others would argue that there’s no better way to decide whether…Read More

  4. Let’s Talk About the Sides At Our Lyons Restaurant

    Here at Smokin’ Dave’s, we’re all about the barbeque. But when you get the meat just right, it’s time to move on and get the rest of the food as good as it possibly can be. That’s why we offer at least eleven great sides at our Estes Park and Lyons restaurants that will perfectly match barbeque culture and complement the taste of our food. Red beans and rice While barbeque came from all…Read More

  5. Is Our BBQ Sauce Vegan? (and a few other things you might want to know)

    At first you might say to yourself “why single out the BBQ sauce? After all, you’re a BBQ restaurant! With all the meat you serve, are people really worried about the BBQ sauce being vegan?” While a true vegan might have trouble eating out with us in our Estes and Lyon’s restaurants, we’re happy to say that we have some offerings that aren’t red meat. In fact, our pecan crusted trout …Read More

  6. What Does “Dedicated To Preserving and Honoring the Art of American BBQ” mean?

      Some people cynically say that the only two things that America has given world culture is jazz and comic books. Bull! We’ve also given the world the wonders of good old American barbeque! Now those same people might claim that barbeque is a taste, and not a culture. As much as we live, breathe, and eat barbeque with our friends, family, and customers, we beg to differ once again; American b…Read More

  7. So Let’s Talk About The BBQ Sauces That We Use In Our Estes and Lyons Restaurants

    Our last blog was a fun one, running down the list of the different BBQ sauces that you’ll find across America (and in your local grocery store aisle, now that nearly every type has been bottled!) It all started with East Carolina, a simple vinegar, pepper flake, and black pepper combination. The blog ended with something that would make some wonder if it’s even BBQ sauce at all: the mayonna…Read More

  8. 3 Amazing Things You Can Do With Just One Day In Estes Park

    Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, signaling the unofficial start of summer. With the kids out of school and vacation days just begging to be used, Estes Park is getting ready to play host to families from far and wide. When it comes to places to eat in Estes Park, Smokin’ Dave’s has you covered. From fried catfish to the most mouthwatering ribs you’ve ever tasted, our menu is a love l…Read More

  9. A Quick Rundown of America’s BBQ Sauces

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: here at Smokin’ Dave’s, we dedicated to preserving and honoring the art of American BBQ. Of course, we do everything we can to honor the idea of BBQ itself and the amazing flavors you can get. But honoring every type of barbecue sauce out there would be impossible for any one restaurant to do, because there are just too many styles. Here’s a …Read More

  10. Our BBQ Sauces Are The Father’s Day Gift Dad Really Wants!

    Father's Day is coming up fast. Do you know what you’re gonna give the guy who’s responsible for giving you life? (No pressure, or anything.) While others may be scrambling to find the perfect tie, socket wrench, or golf balls, all the smart kids will be heading up to Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ restaurant in Lyons, Colorado, to grab the present all dad’s secretly want: their very own bottle of …Read More

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