Smokin Daves BBQ & Taphouse Smokin' Dave's BBQ & Taphouse Tue, 23 Aug 2016 13:35:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Is Our BBQ Sauce Vegan? (and a few other things you might want to know) Fri, 15 Jul 2016 14:33:23 +0000 Like a tangy BBQ sauce in your Estes Park restaurant?At first you might say to yourself “why single out the BBQ sauce? After all, you’re a BBQ restaurant! With all the meat you serve, are people really worried about the BBQ sauce being vegan?”

While a true vegan might have trouble eating out with us in our Estes and Lyon’s restaurants, we’re happy to say that we have some offerings that aren’t red meat. In fact, our pecan crusted trout and fish ‘n chips are two of the most popular dishes our pescetarian customers. But some people go even further and go completely vegan. Will they want our sauce?

Let’s say that you pick up a bottle of Smokin’ Dave’s barbeque sauce to give to your vegan friend. Maybe they’d like to put it on their squash or tofu before grilling it, which honestly makes an incredible side dish. Is our BBQ sauce right for them?

Sorry, but dedicated vegans will have a problem with it. While we don’t use meat drippings in our sauce like a Texas style sauce does, we do use Worcestershire sauce. “But wait,” you might ask “isn’t that just European soy sauce? What’s that got to do with veganism?” Well, Worcestershire sauce is actually fermented fish sauce, so those who don’t eat fish won’t like the fact that there are anchovies in our sauce. But Worcestershire sauce is so important to the taste that we’re not about to take it out. (And speaking of soy sauce, there’s also soy in the flavorings of Worcestershire sauce, an ingredient that some people are also interested in avoiding).

bbq 1Most of our customers are simply stopping by our local restaurant because they want some amazing red meat BBQ, and we’re happy to supply them with it! But for those who eat along a different path, we want to make sure that they know exactly what’s going on in our sauce. For the rest of you…sop it up!

What Does “Dedicated To Preserving and Honoring the Art of American BBQ” mean? Mon, 20 Jun 2016 18:19:10 +0000  

Other BBQ restaurants have nothing on Smokin' Dave's ribs.Some people cynically say that the only two things that America has given world culture is jazz and comic books. Bull! We’ve also given the world the wonders of good old American barbeque!

Now those same people might claim that barbeque is a taste, and not a culture. As much as we live, breathe, and eat barbeque with our friends, family, and customers, we beg to differ once again; American barbeque is indeed a culture!

At Smokin’ Dave’s, our slogan is “We Are Dedicated To Preserving and Honoring the Art of American BBQ.” Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of that slogan.


We spent the last two blogs talking all about the different types of sauces that have come from across our country, and how we’ve modified them to create something that we think is even better. We honor the origins of barbeque and have used those ideas as a stepping stone to what we serve in our Lyons and Estes Park restaurants. We’re always looking back even as we look forward to our next sauce!

A Colorado Meat Tradition

Of course, BBQ isn’t just about sauce. It’s about the way that the sauce is applied and cooked, and to what kind of meat that it’s being applied. Colorado has a bbq 2long, proud tradition of being cowboy country, and what were those cowboys driving? Cows! Colorado has also provided grazing space for cows for well over a century. Of course, brisket isn’t all we do; we also offer ribs, chicken, fish, and lots of other great options at both restaurants.

The Art of Barbeque

There’s a lot of science involved in cooking, but barbecue is far from an exact science! We love experimenting with the different sauces and cooking methods in order to find something even more flavorful than the last batch.

We love barbeque and we love barbeque culture. When you’re ready to try something that’s a Colorado favorite, check out Smokin’ Dave’s!






So Let’s Talk About The BBQ Sauces That We Use In Our Estes and Lyons Restaurants Fri, 10 Jun 2016 18:12:06 +0000

Our BBQ sauce makes us one of the best restaurants around.Our 
last blog was a fun one, running down the list of the different BBQ sauces that you’ll find across America (and in your local grocery store aisle, now that nearly every type has been bottled!) It all started with East Carolina, a simple vinegar, pepper flake, and black pepper combination. The blog ended with something that would make some wonder if it’s even BBQ sauce at all: the mayonnaise-based Alabama white sauce.

So when you stop by Smokin’ Dave’s, what will you find us using? What types of BBQ sauce has Dave created to honor the meat?

Sweet Original

While we’re always experimenting with new flavors, it’s hard to beat the original. The Sweet Original starts with a tomato base (ketchup) and adds natural sweeteners such as molasses and brown sugar. The next ingredient is mustard, which isn’t always used in a Kansas City style sauce like this. While it’s steeped in Kansas City tradition, it’s truly an original!

Papa’s Spicy

This one starts out a lot like the Sweet Original, but we dial up the heat! We take chipotle peppers and put them way at the top of the ingredient list. How high? It’s the second ingredient after the ketchup base! We then add a bunch of other ingredients that perfectly complement the peppers and tomato base.


How do we make it tangy? Dial up the vinegar, dial down the sweetener. This sauce would probably be most accurately described as a Memphis sauce, since it has a high vinegar content and uses molasses as the primary sweetener.

Carolina Sweet Mustard

The name gives this one away! This isn’t the East Carolina sauce mentioned above; the closest category that this sauce fits into is South Carolina mustard sauce. The base is mustard, and like most BBQ sauces the tang of the mustard is tempered with brown sugar to bring it back to the sweet side. We then add some secret and not-so-secret ingredients to make it our own.

Want to see exactly what’s in each of our sauces? Check them all out here; we’ve bottled them so that you can take the goodness home with you. But if you want to try them first, used as expertly as they can be, stop by our restaurants in Estes Park and Lyons!


bbq 1

3 Amazing Things You Can Do With Just One Day In Estes Park Tue, 31 May 2016 16:42:50 +0000 dreamstime_875545

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, signaling the unofficial start of summer. With the kids out of school and vacation days just begging to be used, Estes Park is getting ready to play host to families from far and wide.

When it comes to places to eat in Estes Park, Smokin’ Dave’s has you covered. From fried catfish to the most mouthwatering ribs you’ve ever tasted, our menu is a love letter to the art of Colorado barbecue.

Even if you’ve only got a day or two to spare, there are plenty of amazing adventures to be had in Estes Park. Try one of our favorite day trips listed below, then come on in to our Moraine Ave. location to find out why we’re one of the best places to eat in Estes Park!

Drive Trail Ridge Road

Are you itchin’ to put your AWD vehicle through its paces? There’s no better place to brush off the dust than Trail Ridge Road. This alpine road connects Estes Park to the town of Grand Lake, achieving elevations of more than 12,000 feet along the way. Although it’s paved, the weather on Trail Ridge Road can change rapidly, so be prepared for snow…even in the summer!

Hike Through 100 Years Of Rocky Mountain History

Everyone is familiar with the majesty of Rocky Mountain National Park, and while the peaks are impressive, there’s some unforgettable stuff hidden in the valleys below. On this guided hike led by local Tom Dewitz, you’ll experience three of the most beautiful meadows in all of Colorado. Learn more about this full day walking hike here.

Go Rafting On The River

Looking for an adventure that will really get your heart pounding? Why not book a trip with one of the many whitewater rafting outfits that service the Estes Park area! Under the supervision of an experienced river guide, you’ll steer your boat through churning rapids for a rafting trip that’s pure Colorado.

Each one of these day trips is sure to give you a healthy appetite, so before you head back to your hotel or campsite, be sure to stop into Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ & Taphouse: one of the most satisfying places to eat in Estes Park!

A Quick Rundown of America’s BBQ Sauces Sat, 21 May 2016 19:16:13 +0000 dreamstime_xxl_33200862We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: here at Smokin’ Dave’s, we dedicated to preserving and honoring the art of American BBQ. Of course, we do everything we can to honor the idea of BBQ itself and the amazing flavors you can get. But honoring every type of barbecue sauce out there would be impossible for any one restaurant to do, because there are just too many styles. Here’s a breakdown of the myriad of different barbecue sauce offerings from around the United States.

East Carolina Sauce

When it comes to barbecue sauces, most modern sauces can trace their origins back to East Carolina sauce. While it uses many of the traditional ingredients such as vinegar, hot pepper flakes, and black pepper, it doesn’t contain sugar as most modern barbecue sauces do. The basic ingredients are where most barbecue sauces get their origins.

Lexington Dip

The Lexington Dip, sometimes known as Western Carolina Dip sauce or Piedmont Dip sauce, has its roots in East Carolina Sauce. The big difference here is that tomato paste or sauce is used for flavor and as a thickening agent. Ketchup can also be used.

Kansas City Sauce

Kansas City barbecue sauce is, by far, the most popular barbecue sauce in the country. Kansas City sauce came from the Lexington dip, in that it is tomato-based with vinegar and spices. The main addition that makes it Kansas City sauce is a sweetening agent, usually sugar or corn syrup. Because KC sauce is thicker it is less likely to get into the meat and mostly sits on the surface.

Memphis Sauce

Memphis barbecue sauce is a derivative of Kansas City Sauce, but tends to have a considerably higher vinegar percentage than KC sauce. Another aspect that differentiates Memphis sauce is that it often used molasses as its sweetener.

Florida Sauce

Here’s one more derivation of Kansas City Sauce. Florida sauce is similar to Memphis barbecue sauce in that it contains a higher percentage of vinegar. Florida changes up its sweeteners, though, and uses fruit juices from citrus fruits that you might find in that area of the country: pineapple, papaya, mango, guava, and oranges.

South Carolina Mustard Sauce

The distinctive aspect of South Carolina sauce is that it is mustard-based and seldom has any tomato aspect to it. The mustard idea started with a wave of German immigrants to a particular area in South Carolina.

Texas Sauce

Using just a little tomato paste and almost no sweetener, Texas sauce is distinguished by its heavy use of chili powder, black pepper, onion, and meat drippings. Spices such as cumin and various regional peppers can also be added. Because it is a thinner sauce, it is more likely to penetrate the meat.

Alabama White Sauce

Here’s one of the most unusual barbecue sauces around! Alabama white sauce is white because it’s mayonnaise-based. After that the ingredient list gets back to normal: sugar, black pepper, and vinegar. It’s more commonly used on chicken than on other meats.

Who knew American BBQ had such amazing variety? Well, we did, because we love BBQ so much! When you’re looking for an Estes Park restaurant that delivers an amazing barbecue flavor or need BBQ catering in the area, stop by Smokin’ Dave’s!

Our BBQ Sauces Are The Father’s Day Gift Dad Really Wants! Mon, 16 May 2016 16:43:03 +0000 dreamstime_5762815

Father’s Day is coming up fast. Do you know what you’re gonna give the guy who’s responsible for giving you life? (No pressure, or anything.)

While others may be scrambling to find the perfect tie, socket wrench, or golf balls, all the smart kids will be heading up to Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ restaurant in Lyons, Colorado, to grab the present all dad’s secretly want: their very own bottle of handcrafted BBQ sauce.

At our BBQ restaurant, we’ve got a taste that’s guaranteed to please every Dad.

Which bottle of saucy goodness will your father LOVE?

  • Carolina Sweet Mustard: For the Dad who’s super sweet!
  • Papa’s Spicy: For the Dad who keeps you on your toes!
  • Sweet Original: For the Dad who’s a timeless classic!
  • Tangy: For the Dad who’s got a little kick!

Remember, each one of Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ sauces is handcrafted in small, quality-controlled batches to ensure freshness and maximum flavor. Take-home bottles are available in 16 ounce sizes.

If you’re not exactly what meats pair best with the barbecue sauce of your choosing, just give us a call or come into our Lyons location. We’ll be happy to describe the flavors to you in more detail, and suggest some recipes that will make them pop!

Whether you grab a few bottles so that Dad can become master of his own barbecue pit, or bring the whole family into our BBQ restaurant so they can taste each sauce in its natural habitat, let Smokin Dave’s be the key to a Father’s Day your Dad will never forget!

Make a Meal of Our Appetizers At Our Lyons Restaurant! Sun, 20 Mar 2016 16:27:06 +0000  

It doesn’t matter if you live in Lyons or are willing to travel to get to the best BBQ around. When you walk into Smokin’ Dave’s you’ll be greeted with a smile, because we’re ready to cook up an awesome meal for you.

So when you sit down to check out our menu, you might wonder “what’s the best way to get a good taste of Smokin’ Dave’s best BBQ?” Well, we might just suggest grabbing a few things from our appetizer menu.

Pit Master Sliders

Some people judge a BBQ restaurant on their pulled pork. Others judge a BBQ joint on how good their brisket is. Well, the Pit Master Slider is what you’re looking for if you want to get a taste of them both!

Bubba-que Wings

Ready to try some awesome wings? Here’s a full pound that we toss in Dave’s original BBQ sauce. If you love wings, they make a great way to get our amazing sauce into your mouth! (We can also toss them in a more traditional hot sauce if that’s the direction you want to go.)

BBQ Nachos

Love nachos? Want to find out just how good nachos can be? When you order up Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ nachos, you’ll get to try the meat you haven’t tried yet, because you can order them with brisket, pulled pork, or pulled chicken. You’ll also get a great combination of red beans, shredded cheese, roasted jalapenos, cilantro, sour cream, and smoked chipotle salsa. It’s an instant favorite!

When you’re in Lyons and looking for a good restaurant to get some great food, you’re looking for Smokin’ Dave’s! Take a look at our Lyon’s restaurant menu right here.




Get the Best BBQ Catering in Lyons and Estes Park Wed, 02 Mar 2016 16:24:07 +0000  


Find the best barbecue in any Estes Park restaurant.It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a family reunion, hosting a corporate event, or even getting ready for your wedding reception…BBQ catering is going to go over well at all of them!

Here at Smokin’ Dave’s we started BBQ catering because people demanded it. Sure, it’s fun to stop by our Lyons and Estes Park restaurants and have some local brew, but isn’t it nice when it can come to you? Here are a few reasons choosing BBQ catering is a great option when you want to feed a group of people.

It Travels Well

Some food just doesn’t travel well. For instance, hamburger catering just doesn’t sound appetizing because the patties get all floppy in the warming bins. That’s not the case with BBQ catering, because BBQ actually travels really well. Part of this is that we can calculate the” rest time” that the meat needs into your timeframe so that it tastes just as good as if you’d come into one of our barbecue restaurants.

It’s Good!

Unless you’re hosting a conference for vegetarians, just about anyone can find something they like in our BBQ catering. If they’re not big pork eaters, offer some brisket. Not into red meat? Make sure to order some chicken wings, or half and whole chickens. The best thing is that everyone  is sure to find a favorite sauce among our four BBQ sauces.

It’s Not Played Out

All too often you’ll get to a catered event and find the same thing over and over again. (”Oh look, it’s chicken in alfredo sauce again.”) Shake things up a little bit and order some catering that they’re sure to be bragging to their friends about.

Ready to grab the best BBQ catering in Lyons and Estes Park? Check out our catering menu and have your next get-together covered!




Fuel Up For Your Snowshoeing Adventure Tue, 16 Feb 2016 22:33:48 +0000 During the summer months, people from all over the world visit Estes Park and the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy gorgeous natural views and miles of hiking, with the option of leisurely or intense trails. If you’re one of the many who have been waiting impatiently for the warm weather to return for good so you can make your way back up to your favorite hiking trail, then we have good news. There’s no need to wait! Just bring your passion for hiking into the winter season with a pair of snowshoes.

Local families and tourists alike will love snowshoeing in the Rockies. It doesn’t matter whether you bring your own gear or rent from a local Estes Park shop, so long as you also bring your warm thoughts and your sense of adventure. You can follow a familiar trail for an intimate hike with your significant other, or you can take a guided tour with your friends and family. There’s nothing quite like a snowshoe-assisted trek through the gorgeous, snow-blanketed Rockies.

Don’t head off on your hiking or snowshoeing adventure with an empty stomach. Fuel up for your snowshoeing enterprise with a hand breaded chicken fried steak, a rack of St. Louis ribs, a plate of hickory smoked brisket, or another barbecue classic. If a heavy lunch doesn’t sound like the best way to begin your day, visit us after your hike to refuel before your drive back home. Whether it’s on your way in or on your way out, make sure to stop in at Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ and Taphouse for a great restaurant experience in Estes Park. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call with any questions.

Make Our Lyons Restaurant Your Main Street Favorite Mon, 01 Feb 2016 22:31:02 +0000 For many Colorado small towns, main street is the face of the town. Tourists stream down these streets on foot, taking in the historical architecture, shopping at local boutiques, and basking in the tiny charm. In small town Lyons, CO, year-round events and a well-known music and art culture ensure there will be no lack of small town charms to discover regardless of whether you live here permanently or are just passing through on your way up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Just take the old general store as an example. According to the Town of Lyons, this sandstone structure was originally built in 1890 as a general store with private living quarters upstairs; the building is now occupied by one of the world’s leading fabricators of custom bamboo fly rods. Take a stroll down Main St. to see what else you can discover!

When you take that walk down Main St., we hope that you’ll stop into Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ and Taphouse for some of the best barbecue on either side of the Rockies. We want our restaurant and bar to be your Lyons Main St. favorite. If you love barbecue, then you’ll love Smokin’ Dave’s delicious food. We smoke our meats daily, so we can provide the freshest, most delicious brisket, sausage, chicken, ribs, and much more. Visit us on Main St. in Lyons to experience traditional American barbecue. If you miss us on your way up to Estes Park, don’t worry. We have a restaurant location there too.

Visit our barbecue restaurant in Lyons, and feel free to contact us online with any questions.